Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Chandar from Pathankot underwent Hair Transplantation at FCHTC Ludhiana

Chandar from Pathankot had a hair transplantation at FCHTC Clinic, Ludhiana. He has baldness at frontal & crown areas of head. Just look at the pictures below to look at baldness he had. Almost full head was with baldness. So he was grafted with 5000 hair grafts with advanced FUE procedure which was pain less, scar less & stitch less procedure.

Patient & surgery Details:
Patient Name              : Chandar
Location                        : Pathankot
Grafts Implanted        : 5000
Procedure Used          : Advanced FUE
Surgery Date                : 9th Jan. 2017

Before Surgery

Before Surgery

Before Surgery

Immediate after Surgery

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